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Sceptre 4K LED TV 2018
5 /5

30 years of experience for over 30 years, Sceptre inc. Has maintained its winning formula of designing and delivering quality products for affordable ...

4 /5

Watch movies and TV shows with unprecedented levels of detail on this Samsung 4K smart TV. The 4K UHD resolution produces lifelike images to pull in t...


by Karen
Stay away from this!

Worst TV ever! Sound quality is horrible! Picture quality is equally bad. This POS is going back!

Sony 75 840D......Nice TV.....

After 6 months of researching TV's, going back and forth with all of the reviews and trying to decide which one to buy (way too many choices, sizes and opinions), even going to Best Buy and looking at the actual TV's in person (several times), I bought the Sony 75 850D. I bought it from Amazon. I waited for the price to come down and when it finally hit 2499.00, I pulled the trigger and bought it. I noticed that the price would drop a few hundred dollars and then go back up to 2800.00 from 3200.00. This went on for several months and I couldn't get myself to buy it, so I finally did. I have to mentioned that I am a Samsung cell phone and tablet owner. I love their products. I wanted to originally buy a Samsung TV , but I personally thought the colors look too Cartoonie looking...very vibrant and hurt my eyes...maybe it was just me. The Sony 850D colors look normal and it has a Matt finish screen that does not reflect whats in the room like most TV's. It does just a tad, but not like the glass/glossy screens I saw on other TV's. During one of my visits to Best Buy, they had the Sony 75 850D and the 75 Sony 940D side by side and were playing the martian move. That is when I decided to go with the cheaper of the two because I didn't think I wanted to spend the extra money on the 940D because I was happy with the picture quality on the 850D. The way I feel, technology is changing so quickly,so if we wait to buy a TV, you will never buy one.....just do it...I am glad I did...this TV is awesome!!

Brilliant picture!

I bought this tv 2 days ago and I have nothing but great things to say. Brilliant picture, clear, crisp and stunning. I was also amazed by it's smart technology. Alexa integration makes things simple and easy to navigate. Setup was easy and fast using my smart things app. For the price this I feel this was one of my best tv purchases. Samsung keep raising the bar!

you get what you pay for

Within a month of purchase there was a white line at the bottom of the screen that appeared randomly.5 months later the tv is bugging out. going to a black screen

by Bruce
Receiver connections questionable

The TV seems find in general, but sound connections are not working as I would hope for apps such as Netflix or Prime. I route DirecTV to my receiver (ARC capable but fairly old) and then to TV, with a digital sound optical return link. Everything is great when on TV. As soon as I go to Netflix or Prime, the sound disappears unless I switch to TV speakers. I am in the process of seeking help from Sony support, but the first phase resulted in no change. I will update the review is I get a solution. If no receiver was in the middle then I would give it top rating. Seems fine that way.