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Arrived damaged but a great desk overall

My desk originally arrived without the legs. They were shipped separately which was a little confusing. I had a huge desktop sitting at my house until the legs arrived the following week. Also, the desktop arrived damaged. There was damage on some of the corners which exposed some of the particle board inside. There was also some damage where you arms would rest when using the desk. I put the damaged edges towards the wall, though. I love the big work space which is perfect for crafting or working from home.

Will not recommend this product

I had to return this desk. Some of the parts could not fit together - and not because I didn't know what I was doing (I hired a professional to assemble the thing!). After half a day of piecing the parts together, we gave up because some of the doors were out of sync and some parts were misaligned. I had to ship the desk right back to the manufacturers and look for another desk.

by Me7608
great storage space and work surface

I bought the desk a few months ago and it has been great.

Great desk but a few issues...

I received the desk about 2 weeks after I ordered it and it is heavy. It comes in about 6 boxes and assembly wasn't very difficult once I had the correct screws. It appears that the manufacturer forget to include the set of screws for the lower portion of the hutch. I made the mistake of trying to do this on a Thursday and when I called to ask for the screws, it took until Monday afternoon to receive them... which caused a little bit of frustration. I'm not really thrilled at how the hutch and desk fit together, but the desk is solid, easy to care for and looks very nice. I'm not sure I would order another un-assembled desk again though... I'm 52 years old and not that strong and I really didn't need the extra workout. You do need two people when it comes to assembling the hutch. It's heavy and awkward and you have little pieces of double sided tape that hold the hutch to the desk... They are sticky and if you don't get it positioned correctly on the first try... it probably won't ever happen.


very nice credenza for the office of my house.