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This graphics card is working great.

Pros: It's working great so far.EVGA is a brand that is synonymous with lasts a long time. Thats why their products come with a long warrenty. Cons: Last year I bought a geforce 2080 for almost the same price. Overall Review: It's a high quality graphics card at a very reasonable price. They seem to be blowing it out to make room for the newer graphics cards though. But the price is definitely right for good card.


Overall Review: Dead on ArrivalHope I can RMA it.

by Hart G.
Over a year worth of regret.

Pros: 1. Build quality-Feels sturdy and keys have held up well with over a year of daily use-Solid construction and keyboard does not tend to flex or move at all when being used.2. Looks nice-Metal elements are tastefully added throughout the construction3. Features-USB pass-through, UI allows for easy customization (when it's working right).-Dimming backlight that you can turn off-I imagine the macro keys are very helpful in some games but I don't use them enough to warrant having them-- but by all means, they are easy to program and use through the UI... when it works right. Cons: Software.-The included software/driver is glitchy and crashes every time you start your computer, making the keyboard unresponsive. Overall Review: After writing to G.skill's US tech support, they sent me instructions on a fix that includes clearing the keyboard's on-board memory and loading it with a fixed file. This fix does wok for some time but the keyboard always falls back into its antics, prompting me to go through the process again. This would not be such an issue if the keyboard did not brick entirely-- I'm forced to use another keyboard while this keyboard is connected in order to get the file where it needs to be. The entire process is tedious and it always makes me wonder: if I'm having to use another keyboard to fix this keyboard, then why do I have this oneTruly, at the end of the day, I really wish that I had bought a different keyboard just so I wouldn't have to go through the inconvenience of always having to fix this one. I use fix with quotation marks because it never seems to truly eliminate the issue, but rather silence it for some time.I will give G.skill the benefit of the doubt as a whole company as I have been using their memory for years, and I would say that if you are considering this keyboard that your mileage may vary and you might not experience the issue that I have, but as I mentioned I wrote their tech support and they were AWARE OF THE ISSUE and no official patch has been released to remedy the issue they instead wait for their customers to come to them and fix it on a case by case basis rather than just eliminating the problem entirely.

by That

I play my video games on this and I love it lots..

by Natalie
2.4 Ghz network broken out-of-the-box. Worst customer support I have ever seen!

Update 3 (08/2019):Here I am trying to use the warranty once again now that they have the router in stock magically. NOPE. Still no luck. They started a replacement process and were supposed to ship me a new router. Instead, I got multiple emails stating that I sent them a router with water damage and that they were not going to fix it. I NEVER SENT THEM ANYTHING. How incompetent can you be to get things mixed up this badly! I wish I were kidding.If anyone from Asus is reading this, go check my case and your mind will be blown by the mess you have made out of this simple thing: ASUS Service NoN191207669 Rma NoUSBVKC0045--------Original review below:I should have paid closer attention to other reviews before buying this router. This is an extremely expensive router, and for the amount of money I paid, I most definitely did not expect to have the experience I am having.THE GOOD: My 5 Ghz network is excellent and very stable. That is it though.THE BAD: As others have mentioned, the 2.4 Ghz network on this router is awful. There must be something terribly wrong with the design of this router since so many people experience this issue. It first started with my router randomly dropping my devices that were connected to that network. At first I thought this was an issue with my devices since I refused to believe a router this expensive would be having these issues. Then the issue became a lot more frequent, and by then it was too late for me to return this garbage back since I've had it for over 2 months. Now the router won't even try to create a 2.4 Ghz network anymore so all of my older devices that are only compatible with that frequency are deemed useless. I should mention I'm a fairly savvy person and I have tried everything I could to address this issue. I installed 4 different firmwares and none provided me stability. I tried manually selecting all possible settings combinations for that network. All to no avail. Then I gave up and decided to contact Asus and use my warranty.THE AWFUL: Their warranty service sucks! I can't emphasize how disappointed I am. First of all it took me a long time to even figure out how to request service for this router. Then I learned that if I were to use my warranty, I'd have to pay for the shipment of the router both ways and if they decided they couldn't reproduce the problem (which other customers said actually happened), they'd probably just send me the defective unit back. After an incredibly long discussion with one of their representatives, they said they'd ship me a replacement unit so that I could have internet at home while they service my broken router. Mind you, I had to pay the FULL MSRP PRICE FOR A NEW ROUTER plus 2-day shipping (the cheapest option they had). Now you ask... did I get a replacement router in 2 days Obviously not! It's been a week and they are still SEARCHING FOR A REPLACEMENT UNIT IN THEIR INVENTORY! How is that even possible! This thing is in stock everywhere! I paid full price for a replacement unit (which, again, is definitely NOT CHEAP) and I paid for 2-day shipping. What on earth! They said the money I paid for the replacement unit will be reimbursed once they receive my broken router, but I don't even know when that will happen anymore. Also, by then I will have wasted a ton of money on 2-day shipments, a ton of time and energy, and my patience. How can you charge me all of that (which in my opinion you should just do for free since my router has a common issue known to you) while not even having a replacement unit in stock Just ridiculous.I hope someone from Asus reads this. And if not, I at least hope potential buyers do and avoid this particular router at all cost!Update 1 (12/06):I have followed-up with Asus and so far have not been given a reasonable resolution.After 9 days of me submitting my payment information for a replacement router and not getting any updates, they have confirmed that they have no stock for this router and can't send me a replacement. I'm guessing this model is getting out of production for being so problematic .They also want me to ship my faulty router to them and pay for it myself. I'll likely have to wait a few decades until the item is serviced and I'm not even sure it will actually get fixed given other reports and the fact that Asus is no longer stocking this item.I'm now debating if I should just throw this away and buy another router by a reputable brand, or if I should live without internet for the time it will take asus to attempt to fix mine.Update 2 (12/07):Asus doesn't seem to be producing this router anymore and they don't expect to have it in stock. They also refused to send me a different router as its replacement.I can't ship my ONLY router to Asus and wait for it to get fixed indefinitely. It's not even clear if it would get fixed anyway. So I chose to keep this partially functioning attempt-of-a-router, and replace the dead 2.4 GHz band with a network with the same name created by a 15 mini-router I had laying around. That seems a lot more stable and reliable than what this 200 gives me.Avoid anything network-related made by Asus!!