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Travel Laptop Backpack
4 /5

Feature for Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop backpack : Luggage / Suitcase strap on the back is great to slide over the luggage tube and attached to your ...

Precision Laptop Stand, Espresso
4 /5

Adjustable height from 27-in to 36-in in 5 steps, Unique patented easy-to-use height adjustment mechanism, User has ability to work from seated or sta...


Good bag for the price.

I have only used the bag a couple of times so far, but it is nice and roomy while still being organized. All of my usual gear fits nicely into the bag and doesn't move around much and my tripod is secured while still in it's bag. I recommend it if you normally carry a lot of lenses and other gear.Edit 9/4/2019: Took this bag on a trip to Florida and used it everyday going and doing different things. The bag was comfortable and had decent airflow to my back, it held up well until I was boarding my plane home, when the top handle ripped away from the bag. I did have it over stuffed, so it is my fault the bag failed in the way it did. Otherwise this bag did well going on hikes and other long days in the Florida heat for hours on end, being used and abused the whole time. I'm going to get a new one to replace it and not over fill it this time. lol

by David
Great back pack

I love this back pack. I'm a truck driver and this thing has taken a beating and still holds its shape. I grab it buy the strap and lug it out of the truck and into my car. Trucks/18 Wheelers bounce a lot. My gear is undamaged. I can see the buckle straps with the magnets could come off, but mine haven't. I use a vangard alta pro 264at tripod/big chunk of heavy metal. Fits in the tripod very well no ripping or tearing. Had this bag 9 months now a still holding its own.

Five Stars

My nephew was pleased

Nicely Made, Durable And Fits Anything 13.3 Inches and Under!

This is a really nice sleeve and will work with other laptops that are around 13 inches. We have an Asus and it fits with a bit of room left over and it is padded really nicely. I do believe there is a 1/2 foam in between the inside and outside layers of the fabric. The sleeve also sports a zippered pocket on the outside front that is 3/4 of the front panel long for extra storage so if you have a kindle or another 7 or 8 tablet, notebook or pad of paper it will fit nicely while keeping it secured with the zipper. The outside pocket is not padded though so you might want to think about what you put in there. The sleeve also has a heavy duty zipper that will last without problem.This is much nicer and more durable that I really expected it to be and for the price it will give you some piece of mind. Great for the kids tablets to keep them safe without spending a small fortune on a case. If you are considering giving a bigger tablet or small laptop for Christmas you might want to add this to the package. I would.

Keep looking

Everything was dirty, scratched up and damaged! Horrible quality and impossible to assemble, bad product. The boards were cut crooked, scratched, peeling, and nothing lined up correctly. Wish I could add more photos but they only allow two. I purchased 2 desks. Waste of money and time.