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by Teresa
It works.... But...

Part of my job is to keep lots and lots and lots of signed documents for recording purpose. (can't be electric filed) Those are stuff that nobody ever looks at unless something seriously wrong happened. That is why it's perfect for this binder.... because nobody ever needs to flip through them. If you need a view binder, I wouldn't recommend those at all.It's a huge binder, like really heavy and holds lots of paper. It holds paper fine, as long as you don't flip through them. If you do, the paper would fall through the ring and came lose. Also, if you say flip through like 20 pages of paper at once, the ring couldn't hold the weight of the paper and it would open and all the pages would come off the yea, it works as long as you don't flip through the paper....

Heavy Duty View Binders

Avery Heavy Duty View Binders is the only binder I use for our customer informational binders. We send out hundreds of them to our customers every year. The one touch is wonderful when you are fillling binders with index tabs. It is so easy to open and close with one touch. These binders take a beating at our dealer locations and we are constantly adding material to them. So nothing short of a heavy duty binder will do. It wouldn't reflect well on us if the binder our customer goes through looking at our product is falling apart! Highly recommend to those who want a binder that closes correctly everytime, can stand a beating, and has crystal clear viewing windows for our photo covers!

You Will Be Extremely Pleased!

Avery has a GREAT selection of products for everything you need for school, home, and office. You can trust the quality of ALL of their products and will never be disappointed!

by NA
The heavy duty binder by Avery is very durable

This binder is well made and durable

Good for light use

This binder is good for things you are fileing and not looking at too often. If you are opening closing it daily (or more often) I'd recommend going up to one of the better Avery binders